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Los Angeles Loteria by Aardvark Letterpress

In celebration of its 40th Anniversary in 2008 and in honor of its unique relationship with Los Angeles, Aardvark Letterpress invited a wide variety of artists with strong ties to Los Angeles to create original, limited edition letterpress prints based on a game of chance: Loteria. Traditionally, Loteria is played with cards that represent significant Icons in Mexican culture, For Aardvark, artists were asked to select and interpret some part of the Los Angeles experience in their own style and process for an L.A.-centric Loteria card. The singular visions depicted on the Aardvark Loteria cards reflect the diversity of Los Angeles and Angelenos.

Participating artists: Dan McCleary, Andre Miripolsky, Daniel Gonzalez, Greg Colson, Karen Kimmel, Ernesto Yerena, Marc Lumer, Sammy Harkham, Casey Rydera, Ed Wexler, Richard Duardo, Dave Lefner, Mel Lim, Somsara Reilly, Rick Von Dehl, Angel Gonzalez, Claudia Laub, Cristina Padron, David Trulli, Rick Von Dehl.

Aardvark Letterpress is profiled in a short documentary film on vimeo.

Los Angeles Loteria
19.75 x 13"
Letterpress on Cranes Lettra 220 lb Archival Paper
Edition of 200
Boxed Suite includes 19 Prints signed and numbered plus an exclusive 20th bonus print. Only 2 boxes left.

$375 per individual print

$6,250 for the full boxed set.